Our aims

Fair Trade and organic farming

The master chocolate maker LES CHEVALIERS D’ARGOUGES has offered organic products since 1996. Chocolates carry both the organic farming logo and the Fair Trade label.

Fair Trade

Our Fair Trade products carry the Max Havelaar label.
Max Havelaar France is an international solidarity organisation which represents the Fair Trade movement in France. Its objective is to use commerce to allow farmers and their workers in the southern hemisphere to earn an independent living from their work.
Our Max Havelaar-labelled products are subject to strict control by FLO-Cert, an independent monitoring body, to ensure Fair Trade standards are respected.

Organic products

Our products derived from organic farming carry the European and French organic symbols. Organic products respect the rules imposed at each stage from production to sales. For example, the raw materials are :

  • Produced with respect for the environment without the use of chemicals
  • Guaranteed non-Genetically Modified ingredients
  • Guaranteed ionisation free

Our labeled products are subject to regular monitoring by Bureau Veritas Certification France; it gives a guarantee on strict adherence to standards of organic farming.

Quality standards

« Top quality Chevaliers d’Argouges »

The quality of every chocolate, every sweet, is one of our top priorities.

  • Checks are carried out from reception of raw materials to the despatch of finished products.
  • Sampling is undertaken at each stage of manufacture.

Food safety standards

LES CHEVALIERS D’ARGOUGES chocolaterie has been certified at the highest level by the International Food Standards agency since 2013. In order to meet the the increasingly high expectations of customers this standard meets all the requirements in terms of quality and food safety . It is recognised by European and international distributors (Germany, Italy, Brazil, China, for example ...).
Obtaining this certification demonstrates that the Chevaliers d’Argouges chocolaterie ensures the quality control and food safety of its products while retaining its traditional artisanal character.
Finally, because the quality is not limited just to the product, great attention is given to our customer service.

The « pure cocoa butter chocolate » label

A European directive allows the addition of five per cent vegetable fat other than cocoa butter. In France, the label « pure cocoa butter chocolate » certifies that the chocolate contains no other vegetable fats.
At CHEVALIERS D’ARGOUGES, chcoclates contain nothing else but cocoa butter.

The « Gourmandie » label

The CHEVALIERS D’ARGOUGES has obtained the « GOURMANDIE » label – a regional collective mark to identify quality local produce from Normandy .
To achieve the « Gourmandie » label products must fulfill a long list of conditions based on three criteria : origin, quality, and taste. « Gourmandie » label products are:

  • Dark chocolate covered Pommeau bursts (70% cocoa)
  • Calvados truffles wrapped in dark chocolate (70% cocoa)